An evening of music inspired by the life and work of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Ange Hardy in Coleridge Cottage promoting her Along the Coleridge Way tour

In October 2015, at 14 intimate concert venues along the route of The Coleridge Way, award winning folk musicians Ange Hardy and Lukas Drinkwater toured an exquisite evening of original music inspired by the life and work of the romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Featuring songs inspired by Coleridge’s relationships with friends, family and acquaintances, verses of his poetry set to music, new songs inspired by his characters and stories, and even tales based on fragments of his dinner table conversations.

The tour started on October 3rd just across the road from Coleridge Cottage in Nether Stowey, and ended on October 18th in the Lynmouth Pavilion.

This website now holds an archive of those events, reviews of the hotels they stayed at, and we whole heartedly encourage you to walk in their footsteps Along The Coleridge Way.

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